Friday, January 25, 2008

Dexa Bone Scan Result

I am delighted that my latest Bone Density Scan result was NORMAL. This means that there should be no problems in me returning to the hormone medication of Zoladex and HRT if my periods become too painful.

Based on the last period, I am going to wait and see.

Good Period

Despite the bad PMT - probably caused largely by a new bra :) my last period (8 January) was actually much better than the ones before. This meant that although I still needed painkillers, I could work normally and did not want to jump off a cliff or drown myself in morphine. This is a positive result!

Maybe the next one will be OK too....!

Friday, January 4, 2008


Things are already getting interesting this month, and since day 24 of my cycle, which happened to be the 1st January 2008 - so Happy New Year to me, I started to have the most awful breast pain - which is still going on. If anyone comes near them they will just get it - it is bad wearing a bra, and just as bad not wearing one. I can't win! It is strange because I don't normally get anywhere near as much tenderness as this.

Had a look at gynaecology book to see what the significance of day 24 of the cycle is, and it seems that both oestrogen and progesterone have totally dropped off at that point, so maybe that is why.

Books suggest no dairy or caffeine, both of which I had cut for over 5 weeks, and for much of the last few weeks as well - so there is no justice at all! Bring me a latte right now!


"Endometriosis is a severe, chronic, extremely painful, debilitating disease yet it is not being recognized by benefits services. There is no cure. Women are left debilitated with pain and are unable to carry out normal daily tasks in many many cases, let alone hold down a job. We are asking the government to make new guidelines for endometriosis sufferers, especially those being assessed for Disability Living Allowance."

Please sign this petition!

Thank you.