Sunday, December 6, 2009

Zoladex 'failing' or wearing off prematurely

The day before my 35th birthday was not a good omen. I was sitting at work in the afternoon and my pelvis and back started to feel....bad. It was a horribly familiar feeling. My pelvis felt like someone had poured hydrochloric acid into it and then ignited a fire. My back felt similar. I debated whether I should go to ballet and my boss said to go - not knowing I was in pain. I spent most of the class on my hands and into forward flexion as standing was too difficult. I cried on the way home and then took oramorph, codeine and volterol in that order. Sleep was not easy. The next day, my actual birthday, things were even worse. I could hardly stand and was having contractions and spasms in my lower abs. In the afternoon I went home to bed, but the pain was really bad and the spams were really strong. Eventually after talking to a close friend I phoned for an ambulance and was taken to King's. A&E were packed and I wasn't seen for a good two hours or more. I was examined, and put on morphine. Much to my surprise the gynae registrar admitted me and I found myself finally admitted to a ward just after 4am. I was then kept in until Saturday morning and administered lots of drugs including a new one for muscle spams called Baclofan.

It seems reasonable that the zoladex has worn off prematurely - I had recently changed from having a monthly hormone injection to three monthly, and it seems the three monthly one had not held sufficiently. Whilst I was at hospital they gave me another monthly injection early and we hope that will kick in and stop any further periods from starting. As it is I now do not know where I am in terms of a cycle and whether a period is imminent and likely. Since being back at home the pain has been awful, but then I got back on top of it again and slept like a baby. Now just feeling empty and hollow and rather low having missed all the birthday celebrations I was meant to be having. I really need to consider hysterectomy now.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Appointment Update

My most recent appointment at the Endo clinic did not bring particularly good news. Firstly, my bones are now in osteopenia, which is the prelude stage to overt osteoporosis. I have been recommended to take 'Calcichew' although my GP wants to check my calcium and vitamin D levels before this is commenced. Interestingly, osteopenia is related to Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, although I suspect it is very much more related to lack of oestrogen in my case owing to the zoladex regime. It does go to show how delicately balanced our bodies are, and how manipulating the normal course of horomones can have a large impact.

I have a maximum of one more year left on the Zoladex, and now face the prospect of major surgery at the end of 2010.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hospital Appt Update - April 2009

I had a hospital appointment on 9 April 2009. The outcome is that I am allowed to continue with Zoladex for another 6-9 months. The long-term outcome is more uncertain. I am glad that it does mean I can safely complete my MSc period and therefore pain-free, otherwise that could have been disasterous.

The endo-nurse at my hospital clinic will also be making an appointment for me to have a bone density scan on or before my next appointment in October 2009. If my bone density is 'normal' it is more likely I will be able to remain on the Zoladex.

So my future is secure for now. My long-term future remains more uncertain. The contraceptive pill does not work, the coil doesn't work for me, neither does Depo. Surgery works for a short-time only. I have to hope that the doctors see common sense and allow me to remain on Zoladex. At my next consultation, which I hope will be with a consultant again, rather than a junior doctor, so I can also mention my recent diagnosis of having Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, and whether this has an impact on the pain I experience with endometriosis.