Sunday, August 12, 2007

Questions/Information for my Anaesthetist

Questions/Information for my Anaesthetist:

· I am particularly anxious about this surgery, and wondered whether I could have a Pre-Med on this occasion?
· I get very sick when I am on Morphine, so please could you ensure you give me plenty of anti-sickness medication?
· I get very frightened about having the actual injection that puts me to sleep – any advice?

Medications that I am taking Regularly:
Zoladex 3.6mg – last injection (either 30/8/07 or 3/9/07)
Tibolone – 2.5mg – This was stopped on 6.8.07, one month before surgery
Beconase nasal spray - two sprays daily (for hayfever etc)
Duloxetine – 30mg – I am coming off this drug, so am now only taking this occasionally
Lamitrogine – 50mg – taken once a day

Painkillers I like taking (or help):
Syndol (allegedly for migraines, brought OTC). Has codeine, paracetamol and other stuff in it – a muscle relaxant.
Co-Proxamol (now no longer available, sadly)
Co-Codamol – not as good as the above.
Voltoral – suppository only (I get nauseous with the tablets – taken too much of this in the past, so stomach is less tolerant)

Drugs that I have had adverse reactions to in the past:
(Main problems caused – sickness/palpitations)
Dotheipin – gave me very severe palpitations
Tramadol – gave me very severe palpitations (happened once)
Morphine/strong opioids make me very sick, so although I they help, must be given with plenty of anti-emetic injections, or things get very messy!!!

I have a disc prolapse at L4/5, and a very hypermobile spine that will get very irritated with lying very flat. I have been given lumbar epidurals in the past which have been extremely effective for management of chronic pain in this area.

· I don’t mind what medication I have so long as I am not vomiting!
· Unfortunately the whole pelvic area/lower back area is now highly sensitised because I have had so much pain in that area over the years, so please feel free to bomb me out as much as you want. I will then be much less grumpy to the ward staff!

Isobel Knight
August 2007

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