Sunday, September 16, 2007

Grumpy and having some pain

Mirena - Pain?
I had my 4th lap almost two weeks ago, and I thought I was doing really well until yesterday when the pain had stepped up a notch and this morning have woken to period-like pains. This has made me grumpy as I am returning to work today and don't feel quite the ticket.

Don't get me wrong - this isn't pain like I would have had with an actual period, but is pain enough in the back and ovaries to need painkillers.

Is this most likely to be down the Mirena that was put in at the same time as the lap under GA, or something else? If so, how long is this likely to go on for. I am not bleeding at the moment, and had my last Zoladex injection 4 days before my surgery.

Any advice appreciated!:(

(This question has been posed by me on the Endometriosis UK Online Board. I await responses with interest)


Marie said...

I am a gynaecology ward Sister and can assure you the most likely cause of discomfort is the Mirena IUCD settling down. This can take up to 6 months from time of insertion untill women feel its full benefits, therefore an irregular bleeding pattern accompnied by pelvic and back discomfort is common. Check you can feel the strings of the coil to reassure you it is in the right place. Depending on how much you were examined laparoscopically will determine your recovery and it is not unknown for some woemn to still feel sore/bruised a few weeks post op. Hope this helps

MizzK said...

Dear Marie,

Thanks for your reply. I think that quite a lot of digging around was done by a very good team of consultants, and of course there is post-op pain, most of which had settled with me quite well. I am now in very bad pain and had to leave work early by taxi. Taken all painkillers I can and can't concentrate. As for reaching the coil - can't feel for any strings at all and had a good try!!!

Any further suggestions? To be honest there is no way I can live with this level of pain for more than a few days so no chance of me waiting 6 months. My back is in agony as well and I feel awful. Sounds like I had better contact my surgeon or my GP....


Anonymous said...

Hi,please try to stay calm. Whilst a website and a blog can be helpful some normal non endo conversation will start to assist your recovery.
take care and stay calm...or seek help from a professional asap.

MizzK said...

Have been at work all day - so plenty of time for non-endo conversation, thanks. But also had a lot of trouble at work remaining razer-sharp because of being on painkillers and because the pain is so bad.

I have plenty of other things in my life, thanks. but am doing this not just for myself.

MizzK said...

PS - My recovery was fine until yesterday - was out and about, exercising, having fun with friends, having a 'normal life' With respect, you don't know me, and you don't know what my life was like before!

Simon said...

I only just stumbled across your site, and have been working my way through your posts since before this most recent lap.

I really appreciate you taking the time to blog about your experiences. You write well, and your clear, honest account is extremely valuable to those of us wishing learn more about the laporoscopic procedure and what one might expect during post-op recovery.

Thanks Isobel.