Friday, September 7, 2007

My Day

I finally got up at just before 10.30am having had a very good night's sleep mainly down to the OTC drug, 'Syndol' which is better than any of the other drugs I have been taking (except Morphine). The only problem was that when I woke up this morning, the effects of all pain medication had long since worn off given it was at least 13 hours earlier that I last took some. This meant it took a few hours to get myself comfortable again.

So what have I done today? Watched TV, been on the 'puter lots, had a bath, slept a tiny bit and have now just gone for a walk to meet a friend. Lovely sunny day, and now my pain is under control again, feel OK. Bowel movements also trigger pain, but I'm certainly not constipated, so the codeine obviously isn't bunging me up much!

Had lots of fun trying to get through to a hospital to 'choose and book' my appointment. What a huge waste of NHS time and money. Why not give me an appointment that I can later cancel (obviously not ill enough to need it then) or re-arrange it as one did in the good old days.

Reading 'In Stitches' - A critique of the Modern NHS, and an excellent read by Dr Nick Edwards. Highly Recommended!

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