Friday, November 23, 2007

Gyanecology - Out Patients Appt Today

I had my second gynae appointment today - last one only two weeks ago when they removed the Mirena coil which by then was in my Cervix!! I was in extreme pain - and probably put several posts about it then....

Since then, definitely had a period at the time the coil was removed - bled very heavily etc. Still in pain etc etc etc.

I really wanted to just return to Zoladex + Tibolone which has always worked for me. However, consultant wants me to have a few periods to see what has been achieved since the surgery. They will then organise for a bone density scan in March/April 08 and then I'll be seen in clinic in May.

If at that point things are still really bad, it looks like I will be able to return to long-term zoladex if my bone density is OK.

In the interim - got to have periods. The endo nurse said to let her know how my next one goes.

They have said I can contact them again if things get dire/see GP etc.

Really not sure how I feel about this - I think there is now a fear element behind having periods having had such painful periods for years and years, which cannot be helping me. Added to which the first post-lap period is always nasty, plus I was very unlucky with my Mirena. He asked me if I wanted another one... DUH - I think not!!

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