Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Scan Update

I had a gynae appointment last Thursday 4th July 2013 and had to have a new scan to assess the state of things. The scan outcome showed 2 small fibroids and that the left ovary was adhesed to the uterus (Pouch of Douglas) and bowel. This was also a finding in 2010. It does tally with the remaining pain in the left illiac fossa and what I thought was a bowel problem is probably caused by these adhesions, as they pull things round.

My gynaecologist recommended the following potential courses of action:
  1. Laparoscopy to remove the left ovary and adhesions, but would still mean I had to continue with Zoladex injections + HRT.
  2. Remove both ovaries and tie both tubes, remove adhesions, this would mean I had a menopause but would need to continue with HRT for another ten years or so
  3. Remain on Zoladex + HRT indefinitely until natural menopause.

I was not happy with this as he did not seem to want to do a hysterectomy because of potential bowel or bladder damage. However, upon seeing my GP today, she supports the decision for a hysterectomy and says that I cannot carry on with Zoladex indefinitely which is only actually licensed for 6 months and I have now been on for 5 years. Although a bone density scan has been ordered to check the state of my bones, my GP has agreed to send me to a different consultant for a second opinion. In the meantime I am asking other doctors/physios/therapists who have been involved in my care over the years to offer their support/advice/suggestions. I am faced with a big decision..... I also have my Ehlers-Danlos (Type III) Hypermobility Syndrome to consider. 

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