Thursday, September 6, 2007

2 Days Post-Op

I (finally) had my laparoscopy on Tuesday evening of 4th September. Despite having arrived at 7am, I didn't actually have the operation until just after 6pm on that day. I was amazingly calm in the afternoon, but started to lose it after 4.30pm when nobody was telling me what was going on, and whether or not my surgery would indeed take place that day.

I cried (and was physically shaking) on the way down to the anaesthetic room where they gave me an injection in my cannula insitu (used to give me IV fluids earlier in the day) and then I was asked to inhale something in a mask. After that I knew nothing more until I woke up in the recovery room at about 9.30pm.

The night following the surgery was relatively OK because I was given plenty of morphine that kept me nice and quiet. The following morning, the doctors came around to tell me what they had done. My cystoscopy and hysteroscopy were both normal and they removed all the remaining scar tissue and endo that was found in my pelvis, particularly to the left. Fortunately my pelvis was not as 'frozen' or stuck together as they had feared. The operation had ended with the planned insertion of a Mirena Coil.

The doctors tried to discharge me on the Wednesday, and I was very upset and tearful because I had partial concerns about whether they had removed all the disease given that I hadn't been having periods for a year. I was also anxious about any perceived return in pain etc and I did not particularly like one of the doctor's attitudes anyway, finding them to be rather slimy. In the end they said that I could stay over Wednesday night as there were some problems with my bladder and they wanted to make sure I was not retaining any urine, which I wasn't.

I had three visitors during the day who kindly brought along goodies in the form of food, chocolate and magazines. It was nice to chat to them, although I got sleepy quite quickly.

During early afternoon after having taken some Dihydrocodeine, 60mg, I started to have palpitations, so they had to take an ECG and then stopped that drug, although it seemed fine at 30mg. In the evening when I wanted something much stronger than paracetamol or volterol to take the edge off the pain I had to request Oramorph which has become my new favourite drug. Not only does it taste nice, but it works wonderfully well. Needless to say, I did get some of this drug, but it took a few hours. The result was that I then got some good sleep.

I seem to be now feeling more swollen and sore today, but I guess it will take a few days for all that internal bruising to come out. I also feel quite depressed, but I know that the General Anaesthetic can cause 'Post-Op Blues'.

Mum came to see me today with Mary and bought me food goodies, some of which I ate.

By mid-afternoon I was allowed home, and as I write this it is now 5.40pm. I have just taken some of my own favourite painkillers and will just take things easy.

I am hoping to return to work by Monday 17th September.

Now that the surgery over, I feel that a new chapter has begun. I am hoping that the Mirena will help and that my periods will be very minimal and that any pain will also be very minimal. All I can do now is give it a go. My first Post-Op appointment will be in December.

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