Monday, September 3, 2007

The Big Day!!!

As I sit and write this, it is 5.50am, and I have already been up for almost one hour, unbelievably. The taxi arrives to take me to hospital at 6.15am, at vast expense, but I really didn't want to be attempting public transport on a day of a tube strike (how did I manage that one!)

I slept really well last night, waking only once, and I am very sleepy this morning and amazingly relaxed. I am sure the nerves will kick in very soon.

I am still overwhelmed by the number of friends and family who are really gunning for me today and hope that I recover both well and quickly. I am so glad to know such wonderful people, and I do feel very supported both practically (with shopping offers etc) and emotionally. Thank you all again.

I am now officially 'Nil by Mouth' since 5am, so I know that I will start to feel much weaker fairly soon, but at least I can collapse in hospital and it won't matter anymore.

I am philosophically open to what might happen today. I am psyched up for it being fairly major, but have every confidence in my doctors, and if I do have to have a laparaotomy or anything else, I know it was because they are trying to do the very best for me.

Anyway, so long for now, and hopefully I will be able to update this in a few days time.

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