Monday, September 3, 2007

The Day Before...!

Well it is now the day before my surgery, and day two of the bowel prep diet.

First things first...! Thank goodness for the advice about getting moist toilet tissue and vaseline for my ar*se which is now very sore. I am still feeling OK though in myself, weary, but OK.

I am resigned to whatever my fate is now with the surgery. I have done all that I can to prepare myself both physically and mentally. I have got friends to feed my cat, and several people coming into see me in the coming days. I have also had friends offering to do shopping for me, so I am feeling well-supported.

I am scared about the aftermath of this operation, what they will find and what will go on. I really don't want to have to go through it again, so hope that they can 'do it in one'. I have a feeling that it will take them several hours, that much will be done, but that my bowel will generally remain intact! I am trying to be positive and not 'fear the worst'. I am prepared for the fact I will lose an ovary and my ureters are in danger. I am not sure about my bladder, but think they will have to do quite a lot to it. I am estimating leaving hospital within 5 days of it, but quite frankly, everything is an unknown factor until tomorrow.

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