Friday, November 9, 2007

Evidence-Based Medicine

I am emailing to request the help of those who know me very well.

I am presently having a lot of trouble convincing my hospital consultant that when I do have periods I become very unwell; in a great deal of pain, can't work, can't do anything social, unreliable, very depressed etc. When my periods are stopped I can work and live properly etc, am reliable, am happy etc etc etc. You have all seen me in both capacities.

I am proposing to take supporting statements to my GP (initially) and then to hospital when I go back in 2 weeks time.

I think I asked some people to do this a year or so ago, but have lost the email.... (sorry).

Please could you all write something for me (it doesn't need to be very long) supporting my case. Please feel free to give any examples you need/want. Address it 'To Whom it may concern'

I would be really grateful if you could do this fairly quickly for me.

Many, many thanks,

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Re: MizzK

I first met MizzK nine months ago, when she applied for the post of Volunteer Coordinator with the charity A2A. As a Trustee of the charity, I was on the interviewing panel. She impressed us with her creative and dynamic approach to the post, which she immediately upon her appointment, set about implementing.

As I have come to know MizzK better, I have discovered some of her many other creative sides and continue to be impressed with the energy, both mental and physical, which she gives to everything she undertakes.

However, since Mizzk most recent operation for endometriosis, I have become increasingly concerned about the effect of her periods on her ability to manage her very full and active life on a day-to-day basis. This lifestyle only became possible when her previous medication allowed her complete freedom from pain for the first time in her adult life. I know she is pushing herself to the limit in order to keep up with her work commitments, but the stress and anxiety of knowing that she will be in severe pain for two out of every four weeks of her like for the foreseeable future, must be very hard to cope with.

Trustee, A2A

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