Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mirena - Is OUT!!!

Had my emergency gynae appointment today and feeling just so angry, but above all physically and emotionally exhausted.

He said that, 'I no longer have endometriosis' because he removed everything in September, and that if I am in pain now, there is another cause. We talked some more and I said well, how come I am fine when I am on Zoladex and my periods are stopped? He said I couldn't keep taking that because my bone density was low. Then we talked about the Mirena which he had put in at the time of the lap.

I was so upset by this point that I asked if I could continue the consultation only when a very close friend of mine arrived.


I was crying my eyes out in reception in so much pain, so they took me to a consultation room, and eventually my friend arrived. They asked if I would like to have the Mirena removed, to which I replied, 'yes'.

When it came to taking it out the most painful bit was having the speculum put in place. As it turned out, the Mirena had come out of place and was in my upper vagina, and no longer in the uterus at all, and it appeared (as my GP thought) that my body had been rejecting it all this time, which explains the very severe pain I have been having.

When the consultant came back in, my friend was brilliant and was saying how poorly I was and she has often seen me like this, but also seen me really well, when on Zoladex.
Consultant wants me to be seen by pain management - which I have done three times over in other hospitals, so I feel it is a complete and utter waste of time.

Anyway for now, the upshot is he thinks my pain should really settle down (again) now the Mirena is out, and I might be OK. I am being reviewed again in 2 weeks by the endo nurse when I am going to ask to have my bone density re-tested, otherwise I am going to have to consider moving consultants again.

I am supposed to be with a good team - but to be honest, they cannot leave me to live like this as I have no quality of life. If he does, there is no point at all in going on.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I am utterly exhausted now and in less pain than earlier, so going to have a bath and go to bed.

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Jackie said...

The same thing happened to me! Read about my story at What a horrible experience. I hope to post photos from my laparoscopy soon.