Thursday, December 13, 2007


This week has been just awful. On Monday evening, I ended up going to A&E, but it was all a waste of time, and they didn't do anything. Putting me on an IV or Morphine was mentioned but not carried out. Had a long chat with the very nice doctor about how it wasn't just the physical pain, but the effect it had on my mental health as well.

I am now on day 6, and things have finished for the month, but am left with the most terrible depression which is really knocking me sideways, and taken the wind out of my sails having not had this for about 5 months. Just feel awful and seriously wonder what point there is in me going on.

My work have been lovely and sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. Additionally I have just heard I am going to be allowed to have a cat flap, so this will give me much greater choice in the type of new cat I can choose.

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