Friday, July 25, 2008

Back on Zoladex - 25-7-08

Despite some overall improvement in my periods and there were a few which were definitely much better, I have started to get in more severe pain again and finally resorted to restarting Zoladex injections today.

I am about to start a full-time university course and I cannot have this continual disruption; so it is back to hot-flushes again. What joy!


drunkndisorderly said...

hello, i live in the south of the UK, ive just recently had my second lap (dont want to go into details on a comment box) and had the mirena fitted, would love to get into contact with you as youve had xperience with this. i think you can contact me on my blog

beautyhog said...

Its 2 am i have just had another long 10 hour shift at work :) I had my first zoladex injection 2 weeks ago My period was due in approx 9 days and joy it came today ... I was looking foe answers about breakthrough bleeding and is this normal and why :( I always had breakthrough bleeding on the pill I was so excited about the idea of not having a period for 6 months ... I haven't had time to look through this site as im tired ..BUT i do wish someone had something positive to say about endo and the treatments Not for me because I'm an old hat now :) but for some young girl who knows nothing about endo and when she types the word endometriosis into the computer OMG !!!! its all so scary so negative .. I know the net is a great place to vent but come on girls come on the net when you have some happy wonderful positive news .... Anyhoo I'm 34 childless and my story is long :) But I'm positive and just cant wait for menopause :) no more periods I will take all the side effects gladly if it means no more periods I will smile and be so so thankful this is all my poor little soul has to deal with when i look at this world i am thankful pain relief is available to me i am thankful i have a bulk billing gyno Thanks Johnny howard for putting ZOLADEX on the PBS I pay $31 instead of $1500 once a month I am thankful i don't suffer with endo in a third world country :) Thank you Australia

beauty hog said...

Me again :) The cranky gal with mood swings :) THANKS zoladex ... I still have a light period .. I'm curious have other woman who have had a lap experienced very sore boobs every month since the lap ? i never had sore boobs but since lap wow ouch whats that about ??... PS the new test for endometriosis should be available in about 3 years somewhat like a pap test .that's great for my nieces ,they wont have to go through a lap for diagnoses But when you think about it i think thousands of woman with little or no symptoms will be diagnosed with this annoying disease.

TiedyePoa said...

Dear Isobel, I'm Virginia, from Brazil, had a laparoscopy last week, gonna start on injections this week. I'm not sure, but I think the doc will prescribe this zoladex you talk about. Did you get menopause symptons? Could you give me your e-mail?