Saturday, September 19, 2009

Appointment Update

My most recent appointment at the Endo clinic did not bring particularly good news. Firstly, my bones are now in osteopenia, which is the prelude stage to overt osteoporosis. I have been recommended to take 'Calcichew' although my GP wants to check my calcium and vitamin D levels before this is commenced. Interestingly, osteopenia is related to Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, although I suspect it is very much more related to lack of oestrogen in my case owing to the zoladex regime. It does go to show how delicately balanced our bodies are, and how manipulating the normal course of horomones can have a large impact.

I have a maximum of one more year left on the Zoladex, and now face the prospect of major surgery at the end of 2010.

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KO said...

Hello, I stumbled across your blog during another session of endometriosis research. (I go in for my second laparoscopy soon.)

I'm especially interested in your piece on endometriosis and work. Sometimes I feel like the only person who uses so much sick time. I have a fairly high tolerance for pain and am generally healthy, but this disease just bowled me over in the past year. I know it's pride, but it has been very difficult for me to be the employee thought of as the "sick one" in the office. I know I do my job well, but I just wish I could start fresh and eliminate that aspect of my identity from their minds. Anyway, I wish you luck in your upcoming procedure(s), and thank you for taking the time to share your experiences.