Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hospital Update - 21-10-2010

Bone Density - hip result was poor and had gone down more. Spine had not declined any further.

They had lost my notes!!! The consultant had no other record of my surgery and was not prepared to go purely on my report fro my August scan report or my subjective report about how things had been lately. He wants me to be re-scanned by his 'Scan man' and this will now take place on Thursday 11th November. My consultant,has said I cannot continue with zoladex. He now needs me to double my HRT because of the bone density result today. I have had my last injection, and that might be the end of it now. This is rather terrible because the wait for surgery is 4-6 months and now he is back to saying they want to do "another" diagnostic laparoscopy (pending the scan result) and then he "might" go in and remove more endometriosis. Depending on the state of things, he would then wake me up from anaesthesisa and then decide to continue to remove more, particularly left ovary and fallopian tube, or again depending on diagnostic scan/laparaoscopy if they believe it is the right thing to do, then they will probably consider total hysterectomy. He is still reluctant to take this step now in case this does not solve the problem. This was my anxiety too. We have agreed that thus far the Zoladex has given me a very good quality of life, until very recently. I suggested that the recent episode is linking with my bowel and that it is possibly trapping the ovary constantly if as the August scan shows, my left ovary is stuck to the pelvic wall and anterior uterus. I said that the left side is the most troublesome in all aspects at the moment (musculoskeletal) etc. They are aware of my HMS/FM situation. They are also aware of how much better I looked and weight-loss etc (I was 90kg when they operated in 2007). I said how much I had achieved since that time, and how generally well I had been.

Anyway - I feel that this is quite tricky. If I had my last injection today, my cycle will start again within 6-10 weeks. I might beg him if I can remain on it until they do surgery, but on the other hand, it might be good for the endo to create more havoc because I had been on zoladex a long time when I had the last surgery, and I think he only removed scar tissue, not active stuff. I could be wrong.

I would like to be positive about this, but am finding it hard to find anything positive because I could be waiting until March before they do anything surgical and there is still no certaintly about a good and final outcome. I think i just wanted him to say yes, he can remove everything and it will all go away!!! Perhaps this is is enough information for now and we'll see what he says on 11th November. Either way we need a quick result on this.

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