Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Endometriosis and adhesions found

On or around 20th August I started to have some problems with my guts - I suppose IBS symptoms. On Monday 23rd August, following my Zoladex injection, I came home and following a bowel movement started to have very severe pain in my left iliac fossa. Not sure 'exactly' what it was, I called to speak to my GP who had only seen me a few hours ago. With my history he decided I should go to A&E in case of acute abdo or an ovarian cyst. He kindly faxed my local A&E and off I went.

After what seemed a very long wait, which probably wasn't, I was seen and given some painkillers. I was kicking myself for not having taken more oramorph before I went. Eventually I was finally given some morphine and then the lights went out!

I was then transferred to a Medical Admissions Unit (or 'Cant' decide Unit) and given anti-sickness and then was very sick - mainly of water as that was all I had consumed in hours. I was kept in all day and then admitted to the gynae ward on the Tuesday evening. I slept well on Tuesday night and then on Wednesday had a transvaginal scan which showed fairly widespread endometriosis and adhesions, which was strange given I have been on zoladex for two years. It even showed I had a fairly thick uterine womb-lining, which again is an unexpected find. Worse was that the left ovary is tethered to the left pelvic wall and the anterior surface of the uterus. The uterus is stuck down on the pouch of douglas and there was a large nodule of endo in the vagina and a uterine fibroid for good measure. The right ovary appears reasonably OK.

I was kept in overnight on Wednesday and then taken for a kidney scan the next day which was normal. I cried my eyes out though because the pain of having a full bladder was agony for me - I had already had several days of pain in that area. My guts remained stagnant and also were painful. This is all typical of me with endo flare-ups.

The hospital at were suggesting hysterectomy. I am having a big review in October. Looks like a new blog might start then!


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