Thursday, August 9, 2007

Less than one month to go

It is now less than four months until my laparoscopy, so one last month enjoying the pure bliss of feeling physically well, and not in any pain.

I was asked to stop the Tibolone (HRT) four weeks before my surgery, which I have now done. I must say that my penultimate Zoladex injection was actually very painful - the GP who did it this time must have hit a whole load of skin nerves. I will watch out for a bruise this time!

I am hoping that I will not suffer loads of hot flushes in this HRT-free time, particularly as the weather has at last cheered up and is finally quite warm.

The Endo online chat boards have been full of quite bad post-lap pain and a few things about the insertion of the Mirena coil. I am still not overjoyed about this potential treatment, still I have no choice but to try it.

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