Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hospital Update -11-11-2010

I am a total loss to explain this, and my gynae couldn't either, but the scan today is totally clear - e.g. no organs stuck, both ovaries free, no nodules of stuff, just fibroids! Generally endo has never shown itself on scans before, so he doesn't know what went on in August. The scan person said that the ovaries can move and that it has freed itself since that time.

The outcome is I am not having surgery - Mr C didn't feel it was worth going in again and then we create yet more scarring. Since apart from whatever happened in August, and last December (possible failure of one injection), I have not had pelvic pain on the scale I do when menstruating. So I am going to now remain on Zoladex with a double-dose of HRT to help the bone density issue. He is obtaining permission to keep me on this regime from Rheumatology, Mr C is happy, and I remain in this (reversible) menopausal state indefinitely. The advantage about this is that it has generally been a very good outcome for me 85% of the time (marring 2 blips) and then I still retain my organs just in case I ever need them(!)

I am aware that there is still something going on in the left area of my pelvis - but even if they did surgery I imagine it could have still remained. I obviously have the right to seek a second opinion, and it was the opinion of the gynae I saw in Augst that I should have a total hysterectomy. For now though I will happily stay on the Zoladex and look to see how else other changes that are going on in my body also affect this area. I imagine there is still endometriosis left, but it is largely inactive owing to the Zoladex, and it is hard to say what is still causing some pain. I am used to being "in some pain" almost every day, but it is knowing when I need to take further action. Of course, the other thing is that it is not a gynae issue causing the pain and it is bowel related - but again, there will probably be no abnormally found. In August they were going to look into this - but felt there were other more pressing issues. I think that even if I get pain, unless it is very severe aka August episodes, I have to otherwise treat it as a chronic pain flare up and manage it accordingly. However, I am still finding the results of the scans difficult to understand or explain. How can so much have changed in such a short time?

We'll see how things go and of course if the area has a major flare up again, I will seek appropriate advice. If it keeps happening then the doctors will need to think again. Given that it generally hasn't is a positive sign that the Zoladex is usually working well. It is only a mask though and does only hold back what is going on. I am glad not to be having yet another laparoscopy just for them to find something minor and stitch me up again. For now though, Mr C has discharged me, but I can go straight back again if need be.


Ceals said...

Even though the scan doesnt show adhesions doesnt mean they arent there. I had bowel ovary + tube stuck 2 pelvis. The scans didnt show this. Although invasive, a lap would show whats really going on.

Shankarabarathi said...

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Unknown said...

Hi Isobel, is there anyway we could talk privately? I would like to ask you some questions regarding your experience in use of Zoladex and Tibolone in Hypermobility Syndrome. I would be really grateful, Megan

Isobel said...

Please "find me" via my website and then yes, we can.